Demo Hosting

Disciple.Tools does need to be hosted. We host the demo sites. Many organizations have their own IT departments that can “self-host” Disciple.Tools. We are working with a few other ministries to try to offer Disciple.Tools hosting. In many parts of the world where Disciple.Tools is being used, there are signification security risks to keeping this type of information, so the hosting for that is complicated and more expensive. We are trying to get multiple options available for folks all along the spectrum of risk. These hosting solutions will often have a cost, but we may find a provider that will offer a simple hosting solution free… or in exchange for data instead of money… These options are not yet ready, so we are currently letting users use the demo sites for a longer duration. At the point that other options are available, we will communicate this and give a time limit to transition from the free demos. I expect this transition period to be a 2-3 month window when we announce it.

We are hoping for hosting options well under $50/month, my personal aim is less than $25/mo. Most of the options worked on so far have been for more secure setups and have been estimated at about $100/mo or more. All set ups will have fairly limitless setups so that you can add as many users and records as you want.

Setup a Demo Account

1. Visit Disciple.Tools

Open the website by visiting, After the site loads, click the green button labeled DEMO.

DT Home Page

2. Create a Demo Account

Create a username that will distinguish you from other teammates and select the email address you will use for this account. Leave the option selected as Gimme a site! and click Next.

Demo Account Creation

3. Create Site Name

This will be the name of your Disciple.Tools site.

4. Activate Account

Go to your email client that you associated with this account. You should receive an email that will ask you to click on the link to activate your new account. This link will open a window with your username and temporary password.

5. Log In:

Copy your password. Open your new site in a new tab/window by right-clicking on Log in. Type your username and paste your temporary password. Click Log In. Be sure to save or bookmark your url (e.g.

Demo Login

6. Add the Sample Content

Click Install Sample Content. If you do not want to add the demo right away, you can add it later. Click Hide this screen. I'll do this later.

Download Demo Data


All names, locations, and details in this demo data are completely fake. Any likeness in whatever manner is coincidental.

7. Arriving to the Contacts List Page

If you successfully followed the above steps, you should be seeing the image below. This is the Contacts List Page. You will be able to view all the contacts that have been assigned to you or shared with you here. Learn more about the Contacts List Page here.

Starting Demo Contacts

8. Change Password

Because you were giving a temporary password, go ahead and create a new one.

  • Click Settings by first clicking the gear icon Gear in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  • In the Your Profile section, click Edit
  • Click go to password change form and this will open up a new tab/window
  • Fill in your username or email and click Get New Password

Get New Password

  • Check your email and click the link to reset your password
  • Create a new strong password and save it in a secure and memorable place. (We recommend using
  • After your password has been reset, click Log in
  • Type in your username or email and new password and click Log in. You may have to do this twice in a row as the system directs you from to your url (e.g.

Add Sample Content Later

When you are ready to add the sample content data follow these instructions:

  1. Click the gear icon Gear and select Admin
  2. Click on Extensions in the menu on the left-hand side.


  1. Next to Disciple Tools - Demo Content click Activate

DT Plugins

  1. Under the Extensions menu on the left-hand side, click Demo Content
  2. Click the button labled Install Sample Content

Install Sample Content Button

  1. Return to your site to view and try out the demo data. Click the house icon House at the top to return.

Remove Sample Content

When you are ready to remove the sample content data follow these instructions:

  1. Click the gear icon Gear and select Admin
  2. Under the Extensions menu on the left-hand side, click Demo Content
  3. Click the button labled Delete Sample Content

Delete Sample Content Button

  1. From the left side menu, click Contacts
  2. Hover over each fake contact that you want to remove and click Trash. This will remove them all from the system and put them into a Trash folder. To trash them all, click on the check box next to Title and change Bulk Actions to Move to Trash. CAUTION! Be sure to uncheck yourself and any other user of your Disciple.Tools instance.
  3. From the left side menu, click Groups and trash the fake groups.
  4. To return to your site to view it without the sample demo content, click the house icon House at the top to return.